Thursday, March 18, 2021


As many of our customers know, a large part of the data center located in Strasbourg of the OVHCloud company burned down by the OVHCloud company.

A good part of the Central Europe Datacenter of Strasbourg of the company OVH (France) burned down during the night of Tuesday March 10, 2021, several of our servers, DNS management etc. are permanently destroyed by this fire, the impact is very significant, we also had to urgently order several servers to replace the destroyed servers.

The good news: We have our own data backup servers, with data migration systems located outside of the company network.

100% of data recovery from our clients' Mutualized plans.

All site data, account registration, DNS management, SSL and technical configurations for each shared hosting plan are therefore saved, you can rest assured that you will not lose your data.

We are working day and night to return to 100% of our services since March 10.

We had to temporarily suspend certain activities in website creation or maintenance, SEO referencing to focus exclusively on the reconstruction of services for our customers penalized in their activities following this data center fire at

Some sites are unfortunately not yet online, or have problems sending and receiving emails.

We expect to complete the complete reconstruction of system data and controls by next Monday March 22, 2021 for our customers with shared accommodation plans.

All DNS disruption checks for our customers with dedicated servers are complete, we also offer our data restore service, even if the customer had not paid for this service for years (For security reasons, we had also saved the data of our customers for years).

Concerning our customers with several VPS servers are also destroyed, and replaced by other servers, but it is not certain to recover all the data of our VPS customers, if the customers had not subscribed to a backup plan at Medialook (We have insured the risk of loss of priority data for our customers with dedicated servers).

The accounts of customers with services offered, such as Mail Plesk, will not be available until next week.

We must actually redo the configurations, activation of our Medialook DNS (PowerDNS) Please understand that we must prioritize our customers with paid services and not the services offered Medialook).

Please understand, however, that this situation in 20 years of activity is completely exceptional. We will also be working next weekend.

We will keep you on the latest news from Monday next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Dominique Pouly

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